My 2 Interviews With Mr. Movierob :)

This is a combined 2 podcast audio post. I interviewed the amazing Movierob, fellow blog critic and mentor from a distance 🙂 Here are the interviews back to back. Pour youself a cup of coffee this a two hour show! 🙂

It’s full of good information and entertaining stuff as well if you’re a move fan or blog fim critic. This is an expecially good episode for blog film critics who are just starting out. Blogging can see like a maze at first. Movierob share valuable insights to help.

Author: Damien Riley

Hopelessly devoted to movies from way back when I first saw "Pete's Dragon." In 1977, it sealed the deal when I saw "Star Wars." I write about the movies I see, whether I like them or not. Sometimes I like them more than words can express! Thanks for checking out my movie reviews!

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