This is the ABOUT page for Damien Riley, the author here at “Riley on Film.” (yep that’s me, you guessed it!) First the trivial accolades of education and experience:

I’m a blogger with an MA in English: Language, Writing, and Rhetoric from California State University, Fullerton. Blogging since 2005, I post a column, an online diary, education related posts, whatever I think of, and stream of consciousness posts at my main blog: “Riley Central.” It’s where all my stuff comes together in one place,  like an archive. I’m a credentialed teacher & winner of the Rotary teacher grant 3 years in a row. I have a lifelong passion for movies and my favorite reviewer who sort of by proxy “trained me” is Roger Ebert. (I did not know him personally)

I use video often in my teaching, it is a powerful medium to accompany standard presentation, activate prior knowledge, and establish comprehensible input as background for lessons. Bill Nye’s work is one example. “Old Yeller” is another one I use to teach concepts of the farm and responsibility. I’m married and have 3 children. I often seek their input for my reviews. Last but not least I have two dogs, Gizmo & Chewy, & a cat named Tiana.
Here are three sample reviews that represent the variety of genres I review. If it’s a movie, I watch it 😉 You may click the image to read the review:

You can access the evergrowing list of all my reviews at my movie review listing page. You’ll find genres from horror to musicals … I cover it all. I hope to add more weekly so please check in or subscribe through the several ways in my sidebar. You might also want to check out my podcast: The Damien Riley Podcast.

email me at: rileycentral at gmail dot com

I am @rileyonfilm on twitter

See you at the movies!

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