Finished a Watch List – 1/3/2017

Oh what a feeling! I seem to be able to keep up the pace of one film/one review a day. There were a few gem moments in this bunch of films but quite a few discards as well. Little Men was by far the best for me. I hope you enjoy my reviews, linked below in watched order, not rating. BTW, it would make my day if some of you commented here or on the IMDB list page. Thanks!

  1. Morris from America 01/02/17
  2. Certain Women 01/01/17
  3. Miss Stevens 12/31/16
  4. Little Men 12/30/16
  5. The Eyes of My Mother 12/29/16
  6. Sing 12/28/16

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Author: Damien Riley

Hopelessly devoted to movies from way back when I first saw "Pete's Dragon." In 1977, it sealed the deal when I saw "Star Wars." I write about the movies I see, whether I like them or not. Sometimes I like them more than words can express! Thanks for checking out my movie reviews!