Movies I Tagged #Weird on my Site Pt. I

I love weird films, I hope you do too! Here are 4 really good films that I tagged #Weird on my site. This is an audio feature crossposted from my podcast The DRP. Hey there!

This is part of a series where I talk about films I found weird. Did I mention that is a bonus with me? I love weird. This episode is me talking about: Escape from Tomorrow Antibirth, The Double & Creep (my written reviews are linked)

Please note the woman holding that head is Meg Tilly! That alone should make you want to see Antibirth.

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Author: Damien Riley

Hopelessly devoted to movies from way back when I first saw "Pete's Dragon." In 1977, it sealed the deal when I saw "Star Wars." I write about the movies I see, whether I like them or not. Sometimes I like them more than words can express! Thanks for checking out my movie reviews!

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