Sing Street (2016) encore review

Have you ever plucked a guitar and heard a cool sound, then tried to make it into something more, closer to a song than that pluck? I have. Have you ever looked at a girl fix her hair and immediate want to … erm never mind if you don’t get it you never will.

Been reading here a while? Let’s review: Let it all hang out, life is short, leave me a comment, watch Sing Street on Netflix. As you were.

Well, should I admit to such an unwholesome thing? Yep, guess I better, I’m not one to hide the truth. How about a piano riff you figured out? MY teens were in the fat of the 80’s, really check this out: in 1980 I was 10 and 1990 I was of course, well you can add. Sing Street is streaming on Netflix and you should go enjoy that thing for all it’s worth! I completely urge you to. It’s about a boy about my age through the 80’s who wants a chick so he makes a freakin’ band! That was my 80’s as well. Sing street is like this and more ungodly great stuff. Ah, to be 16 again.

Sing Street

Sing Street

“A boy growing up in Dublin during the 1980s escapes his strained family life by starting a band to impress the mysterious girl he likes.” -IMDB


Ferdia Walsh-Peelo Conor
Aidan Gillen Robert
Maria Doyle Kennedy Penny
Jack Reynor Brendan

Directed by

John Carney

Written by

Simon Carmody, John Carney

Other Info

Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance
Thu 17 Mar 2016 UTC
IMDB Rating: 8.0

You can check this film out today on Netflix. It’s a story of a young lad in Ireland who finds himself changed schools and at a violent religious school (That’s a funny modifier right? Actually many people I know and have spoken with through the years would tell you it’s fitting). At any rate, the boy meets a girl a little older than him and decides to get her attention through forming a band.

I had a similar time of it in High School. Paul Flippowitz, a friend in my English class, came to me saying he knew Brad and Lance were starting a band. Of course I saw this as my chance to throw down on tape all the guitar I had created through the years so I jumpred at the opportunity. I was 16. I don’t have any before photos but here’s our reunion a few years ago.

The character in Sing Street is a singer and somewhat of a writer. He has a pal he collaborates with that I think any songwriter has while going through those 10-20 years.

There is struggle, there is triumph, there is 80’s music. Duran Duran music is in it! Along with many other 80’s musicians. I do wonder why they chose to put Joe Jackson music in it. “Stepping Out” is probably the worst hit of the 80’s in my opinion.

Positive, amazing people I read and know in private life love this film as much as I do. Even some really negative shitty people have told me this film is amazing. Give it a try! I’ll remind you it’s on Netflix.

Now, let’s talk. Comments as a form are alive and well with celebrities and boring famous bloggers everywhere. Since I am fairly close to being boring and famous with my words, help me out and increase the comments PLEASE. I am on the verge of paying people to comment here, I am not joking.

11/10 j/k 10/10

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