20 degrees at night


Before I start let me say it is very cold for California right now. 20 degrees at night. Ok now, on with my diary entry for the day: One of the best things about being a family man is going to get the Christmas tree. We always get a bite to eat and then head to a local seller of Christmas trees. It's smetimes stressful but when it's over I always feel a peaceful satisfying feeling. I feel like my family is happy and that makes me happy. I love this. I've got a big fire roaring in the fireplace as I'm typing this. The house has already started to be filled with that one scent. I'm sure when I come home from work tomorrow the house will smell indescribably beautiful. It will smell like a forest.

Some heavy items fall upon my heart as a teacher sometimes. I feel that way today. It will pass as all bad news does. The good news is, tomorrow we start practicing "Jingle Bell Rock" for the Christmas program. I don't think I've ever seen kids as exited about music as when we practice for this program every year. It will consist of 2 classes and we'll sing to the recording. I will have my Chuck Berry rock and roll guitar for effect. It's gonna be great. Only just over a week until Christmas Vacation.

Blogging went well today. I did a Daily Post prompt on something I feel guilty about. Joy. I got something up. Some of those themes are pretty weird. I wrote my handwritten journal challenge on Tumblr. Finally, I wrote up this diary post. I discovered how to change the color scheme of my blog so I'm going to be changing it up once in a while. Right now, it's a dark theme. There's a cool yellow theme and a pretty cool blue one so you may see those through the week.

My book is getting great! It's very dark, horror in fact. It's a Joe Hill novel, "Nos4a2." Vic, the protagonist, is getting closer to confronting "The Wraith." It's very suspenseful after a boring flat area it was in the last 2 days. I'm excited to see what happens between these two. I'm almost 1/3 through it. I'm excited to pick my next one but first things first.

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