5/27/2015 – Sharing the Gift of Me

What if I have it all? I don’t wanna miss it. What if 89% of the world wanted what I have … right now? Why am I wanting anything more. What if i knew when I walked into a room or if someone clicked onto my website, I was already a winner in their mind. No need to prove it. That might affect some things. What if I knew I was a gift to the world but only when I was rested, positive, healthy, and relaxed? I’d work to be that way every day. I’d buy tools to help me create and innovate my gift so as I share it with others, they are pleased and motivated.

A reader came into my class today and read us “The Quiet Cricket.” It was her gift to the kids. What a metaphor. Would you walk into a foreign place where you had to find your own way around to give the gift of you? She did. My kids’ smiles happened as a result. They get tired of hearing the same voice every day. She broke up that monotony for them. This is it, there is no trial run. I want to live my life expressing thanks to those who share their gift with me and work to offer mine in the most understandable and helpful way possible. One way I give to my family is by finding hidden gems to watch. Tonight I plan to do that, plud everyting else I can to share the gift of me.

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