A Buffalo Statue and Life as Art


There is a buffalo on my desk. He sits there strong and silent. I really like buffaloes. I got to see a lot of them once when I took a tour on Catalina Island about the year 2000. When things get stressed and crazy at work, I draw strength from this small statue. It’s symbolic of what I want to be: calm, cool, and collected all the time. I don’t claim to have achieved this desire yet, it’s a process. Everyone should have a statue methinks.

I wonder how many days I have left alive, would I even want to know? I see each day as a blank canvas to make art. Not art funded by a corporation but rather government funded, street funded.

Having a blog helps me see my life as art.

I may have the best day and feel invigorated because the choices I made worked. Or I may feel down because I took a punch to the stomach, metaphorically speaking, but I hope to get up again. Every day is a challenge to put in place what I have learned to make the day work well, as art. If I make it through the day, it’s happy art. If don’t make it, and stumble through the hours defeated, it’s dark but still art.

By Damien Riley

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“It’s symbolic of what I want to be: calm, cool, and collected all the time. ” Not how I understand the buffalo. Isn’t it grand how different metaphors work for different people. Plus, having more knowledge and experience with the ‘symbol’ will change one’s outlook. (I know very little about the buffalo… I have only helped round them up on a farm.)

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