A Christmas St

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I’m too equipped with teaching materials and blogging tools. I’d have a hard time giving them up though. It’s the inspiration that has to come. No curriculum or tool can spark that. After that, heck tools help. I’m typing on my bluetooth keyboard into my f-ing phone right now … MY f-ing phone! If that isn’t cooler than an astronaut to an 8 year old I don’t know what is. Alas, without that inspiration, the soul is dead.

If I live to be the age of David Gilmour, I hope I am putting forth soul like him. I don’t just mean music, because I’m doing nothing musically these days. I’m talking about the soul the man has. His new soul album puts me in a state I need to be in. I’ll be snging “Rattle that Lock” now on my way to meet my son, 2 girls in tote, to have sushi. Oh man. Sushi is good innit? This is a concept post, not an online diary. I declined all three writing prompts, they were about food.

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