A Writer in a Windmill With a Really Hot Wife

In my high school yearbook of my senior year, 1987, I was quoted as saying in 20 years I’d be writing books in a windmill with a lovely Swedish wife. I seems to have come true except Sarah is Irish and freckled faced. I don’t have a windmill but I write every day in my blog.
If I could trade in working with kids for another career, it would be to write. It would be on my terms and when I wrote a thought online, it would cause millions to go hmmm. I love the way words connect people through emotion just by one writer activating them through symbols we call letters. It’s like maps and legends. Arcane to some, right at home for others.

I’d write each week about movies, share a diary of my day’s events, get philosophical with a column, and publish neat pictures I capture. Wait a minute … I already do that. I have my blog monetized but it doesn’t pay me a whole lot, certainly not enough to spoil my freckle-faced cutie. Looks like I’ll stick with teaching for now.

Whatever I want to to be known for I need to be doing.

Even when they seem out of reach we should embrace our dreams. I’ve gotten closer than I ever dreamed to being a writer connecting with a large group of good people via my blog. You never know what could happen. If you look at the previous photoblog I posted earlier, you’ll know what I mean when I say: “Get in the suit.” Life is not a dress rehearsal. Go for it I always say.

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  1. Sounds like you knew exactly what kind of life you wanted even in high school! It’s not too late for the windmill…I’m sure there is an Airbnb somewhere that will suit your fancy! Sidenote: I noticed you accidentally linked up with the Vlogging Workshop instead of the Writing Workshop. No big deal, I mix them up all the time myself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Oops! Yes I have often referred to that goofy quote about living in a windmill and writing. I’ve always been blown away by homepage a and now blogs. It fits me ๐Ÿ™‚ Now if I can make a hair more, I’d be Bobby Bitchen!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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