All Things Merge into One and a River Runs Through it

image7-8145442I’m moved by beauty in nature every day. The last time it brought me to tears was when I re-watched the movie “A River Runs Through it.” The nature in the movie is as you would expect, a river. Interwoven into that nature are the words of loved ones in Norman Maclean’s memory. The protagonist is at the end of his life out fly fishing. Though the people in his life have all passed, he sees life as a place where all the people come together and a river runs through it.

His brother Paul was always living in big brother’s shadow. He took a shortcut to wealth by gambling. Time after time in the film Norman paid his bail after fighting or being drunk in public. One night, the worst happens and the father says in his sermon, “We can love completely without complete understanding.” The story of these brothers along with so many parables drawn from the Montana forests works together to bring out emotions I found hard to subdue. We can learn so much from nature. So many of life’s questions can be answered when we spend time in nature. When the answers come, they often lie too deep for tears.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Moved to Tears.”


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