And All Was Well in the World

The challenge on this one is to blog something that ends with the phrase “And all was well with the world.” As a dad, I want things to go well for my kids. Unfortunately I have to be tough sonetimes because I know the world will be much tougher.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No Cliffhangers.”

An example might be a new kitten. My youngest would love it but she’s learned to stop asking because we’ve given her the rolle of cleaning the catbox for the middle aged cant we now have. Cleaning up after animals is no cute party.

My other daughter is a little better but someties has questions about why she can’t stay on the computer all the live long day. Weve explained that physical exercise and avoiding strange people you meet online are important consiedrations for a 10 year old growing up. I just started her on her own blog where she posts her drawings and she loves it. I don’t thnk she wants to hang out on Roblox or Minecraft online all day. She “got the memo.”

My 17 year old son has been laying around the house lately pplaying his xbox. I enjoy a good lay around as much as anybody but I already earned my college papers. I’e been working in my career for almost 17 years. If I wanted to play xbox I would. Instead, I see the importance of preparing for what is coming next in my life. I see my son doing that when he prepares or college. So, those are snippets of how I work to be a dad. In my eyes, I wish only to see my kids happy. One day I hope to see them as happy adults … and say all is well with the world

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