*This post is a part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. #atozchallenge
Me: I have aspirations of meeting blog people this April. Should we talk about the weather? Hi. Should we talk about the government?
You: Hi. Meet bloggers? Oh really? Through what means?
Me: Through the Blogging A to Z Challenge. Today is the first letter, the letter “A” for aspiration. I figure over the course of a month, I can get some new followers. I might even find some new blogs to follow myself, though I must say of late, the blogs I’ve been reading are not as cool as the old days. It’s hard to find bloggers who know what they’re doing and have a real “voice.” You know, people who really craft it and stay faithful to the craft. They are small in numbers these days I think.
You: Oh really? What exactly do you mean by that?
Me: Just serious about WordPress or blogging in general. There’s so much to learn by peeking around. I have a lot to teach. I’ve been doing this since 2005. People with something to say and not full on wannabe “stars” of the internet are my faves. It helps to have a strength. Most blogs I read these days are movie review blogs. Those people remind me of the early days of blogging around say 2004-2006. There was such a freedom then and people saw it as more than just a chain of blah blah blah, you scratch my back kind of thing. I have some followers that visit my site and comment but not like I used to. Part of that is my fault for getting lazy and hanging it up. Hopefully I’ll meet some new folks and some of them will like my voice and vice versa, though it isn’t always a 2 way street.
You: You’ve intrigued me.
Me: Well I hope so! Leave a comment if you feel so led. If not, thank you indeed for reading my blog 🙂 We’re all a little selfish I think, why else would we do this stuff? Nothing wrong with it. Love yourself. Have a wonderful day.

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