The Autopsy of Jane Doe

We’ve all seen the autopsy room in the morgue on crime shows like CSI. What we haven’t seen is havoc in the same room. It’s remarkable when a film can create suspense and intrigue in just one room and The Autopsy of Jane Doe manages it well. I liked it a lot and certainly found it interesting. It’s rare when a film holds my attention this powerfully from credits to credits. I do have some reservations but overall I can highly recommend it.



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I like movies that take me somewhere I’ve never been and I don’t know where I’m going. This film started out like that as they hauled in a nameless cadaver and attempted to find a COD. Toward the middle and three-fourths region, it started getting really complicated. This worked for the plot and intrigue but I must admit I sort of lost what was happening.

I don’t like movies I don’t understand. There may be something more to this film I didn’t catch but I didn’t really care to watch it again and find that out. For that reason, I’d say the movie fails on one level. It’s exciting, gory, and suspenseful but at the same time it presents a backstory that really doesn’t fit as a puzzle piece. It works as it is and is certainly an enjoyable and scary film but I wish they would have made the solution to the mystery simpler. I didn’t get it.

I’n happy to reccomend this horror film to fans of the genre. If you saw it already, I’d love to get your comments. This is one we could talk about for hours. Anyone care to make me a backstory believer?

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