Back to the Sky

I saw a bird in the road today. It was flapping its wing so I pulled to the side of it and took a good look. It appeared disoriented and I watched it flap a couple more times, then take off rapidly rising into the sky and away. It looked so strong flying. I thought about how we are like that bird sometimes. When we are knocked down, maybe even with a broken wing, we feel powerless and confused. We might even be at risk of losing our life flat on a dangerous road of our own.

It’s in those times we hope that someone will not hit us but pull over to give us time to recover our senses. Then, after we’ve gathered all the strength we can muster, we can remember the things that matter, like getting back in the air and exploring the day. If we take deep breaths, we can ascend and find the day waiting for us as it has been all along. We can separate the small stuff from that which matters and get to the business of flying until our dying breath. I know after that we’ll fly away to heaven, or something like it.

By Damien Riley

I post film reviews both written & audio. I'm a writer & podcaster, BA/MA English from Cal State Fullerton. Based in: Victorville, CA, USA My film review site is

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