Between Forrest Gump and …

The first recommendation of a movie to explain humanity I had was Forrest Gump. It seemed to have it all: the bully war side of our nature as well as the humor and touching love side. But that seemed too limiting as cheesy. I started thinking about Twilight Zone episodes like “To Serve Man” and “The Monsters on Maple Street.” This would show our gullibility and paranoia about other life in the universe. Then I thought, what about the whole Twilight Zone series? All those programs say something deep and silly about mankind. It would be a great way to show who we are as a species.

The episode “Kick the Can” shows how we fear death and don’t want to grow older. “Eye of the Beholder” shows our obssession with beauty and our slant on it. Talking Tina shows how technology scares us and how madness can creep in to the point where it makes us do selfish, horrible things. “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” again shows our tendency to catastrophize and be paranoid. These aren’t our best features but they are us nonetheless. I’d say, in answer to this prompt, the video training movies best suited to show aliens our culture and race are probably somewhere between Forrest Gump and the Twilight Zone. What do you think?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Worldly Encounters.”

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  1. Another show that does the same thing is “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.” The shows don’t have the supernatural bent that “The Twilight Zone” does, but many of the lessons are valid.

    1. In recent years I’ve made a point to see all his films. My favorite is Rope. I haven’t seen the tv shows so now I’m prompted to do so. I believe they are on Netflix streaming along with the Twilight Zone. Thanks John.

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