Blog Safari 6/28/2015

land-rover-412665_1280These are some highlights from my favorite blogs last week. There’s some cool stuff here if you’re looking for good reads. If you think I missed you or just want to put your link in the comments, be my guest. By the way, as a fellow blogger shanjeniah jested last week: “No animals were harmed.”

Pitiful | Zombie Flamingos

Why Blogging Is A Must | The Return of the Modern Philosopher

STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS SATURDAY: Some people… | The Sound of One Hand Typing

Mad Mess Beyond Thunder: Drones | Golden Daze

Protest Is Not Polite | The Gad About Town

june-journal-challenge | Tumblr

– Summer Loving — OneDad3Girls

0 Replies to “Blog Safari 6/28/2015”

    1. You’re welcome. Glad you like my blog, thanks for the likes and comments! You’re attitude about the Daily Post topics is classic! Love the attitude.

  1. Glad you liked my little joke. =) It’s posts like this one that make me wish I had a clone…so one could read, and the other could write – at the same time!

    Which reminds me of a favorite line: “You didn’t say it; your clone did.”

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