Blog Stats for 2015 – No Bozo!

In high school, there was a popular slogan replete with bumper stickers going around town. The sticker/slogan read:

No Bozo.

After reading through several blogs bragging of enormous post counts as that are indeed higher than mine, I felt it was a good slogan for my year end blog stats post. So,

No Bozo.

I have purposefully NOT used the stats helper monkeys to make this post. They are shiny with nice graphics but they are way over used imho and miss the point of blogging.

It’s not about post counts but rather how much your reader counts on a post from you.

3 Facts:

  1. I’ve blogged something at least once per day. Quite frequently I’ve posted up to 3 posts per day. I’ve developed templates and routines that make this easy and fun to do.
  2. I’ve fulfilled my 11 year dream this year of making Riley Central a place where all my online projects come together. I crosspost from/to flickr, tumblr, WordPress dot com (Note, my blog is not a WP dot com but rather a WordPress dot org blog. There are many plugins I use that cannot be used on WordPress dot com), twitter and other profiles. Let me make sure you understand how cool this is: ex. I can upload a high res photo to flickr, add a description and have it appear immediately as a draft post on my blog.
  3. I have a theme I love and am very experienced with: twenty eleven I know what I sacrifice and what I gain by using it.

I make goals and measure my success by them through #ROW80

I know more about blogging on WordPress than I can ever relay on a blog, so I won’t try.

I am a successful blogger based on my own measurable goals that I set. Here’s to more of that and personal growth through blogging in 2016. To all who put up with my typos and sometimes needlessly long word counts, I thank you and salute you!

No Bozo!

Happy New Year!

2 Replies to “Blog Stats for 2015 – No Bozo!”

  1. And blogging is an excellent way to vent….. Congratulations on eleven years. I have just over one year and there is so much that I do not know. With teaching full time, There are so many other irons in the fire. I try to learn something new about my blog every three months… but I am not very fast a picking up things. I enjoy your blog and your writings. Keep them coming.

    1. You’re a fellow teacher, awesome. I’m going to start posting some things about blogging. I’ve picked up a few tricks through the years. One way to keep at it regularly is to equip your iphone to post and get a folding bluetooth keyboard. You can compose from Starbucks, the zoo, the restroom (kidding). Another thing you can do is create scheduled posts for future days. Make them go live early (like 5am) so people can read them all day. Thanks for the kind compliment.

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