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I am unplugged! This entire post was composed and photos coded in with my computer disconnected from the internet.

Sometimes, we all need a break from these little glowing boxes. How do you know when it’s time to unplug? What do you do to make it happen?

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19770010821_5e88bc699e_n-5568734For me, getting unplugged has been tough, especially when I have one of those creative minds who keeps thinking of a better, cooler way to blog. Having a job helps. I work M-F as a teacher so that keeps me off the grid. I say that tongue in cheek because my curriculum is about 70% online. So, I work with non-blog related stuff when I teach from that. Another thing that helps me stay offline for chunks of time is goal setting. By goal setting I mean specifically, working offline goals into my list. Reading is a current example. I read my book, which incidentally is a Nook so I hope it counts, and I am entertained by a source other than the internet or blogging. I like the #ROW80 challenge because it suggests goals outside of writing novels or blogging. It certainly can include those goals but as I go through and read the updates on Wednesday and Sunday I’m pleased to see bloggers putting in goals for things like reading and family time. You can only be set on “Output” so long and still be relevant. We all need that “input” that comes from being unplugged. An obvious example is photos: if you never go out and take photos, you have none to share online. 20162204280_912058b5cb_n-3573958Other unplugged things I enjoy doing are playing guitar. I used to be fairly regular at this. I need to get back into it. I have music up at Reverb Nation and Youtube that I have written and recorded through the years. I have gotten out of it in favor of blogging so I recognize the need for more guitar. Still, I am looking at my Martin now and I know that almost instant change of perspective when I start picking and strumming. My wife and I love going out to eat and to movies. You may have seen the category in my sidebar called #MovieReviews. I’ve reviewed over a hundred on here. We also love to take trips, though they aren’t lavish or anything. We like 2 night trips to Newport Beach for example to maybe catch a musical or just go down to the shoreline. Keeping the fire going is my job as husband and dad so I stay busy between blogging doing that. Last, I really enjoy time with my 3 kids away from the computer. The photo below of all of us is from 2012 but I’m including it because I love the way we posed on the floor. Sarah’s idea.


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