Ever since I discovered Geocities back in the 90’s I’ve been a blogger through and through. I’ve learned a balance that works for me and it’s still tons of fun. I say if you can do that with a hobby, you should keep it going as long as you can. Life is interesting to me, that’s why I blog.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.” Why do you blog?

My what a fun question. My reasons for blogging have changed through the years. I’ve tried many different platforms and approaches. There was a time when I wrote periodic updates to family and another when I actively mentored new bloggers into well known names in the business. I went through a dry spell where I didn’t blog much when I lacked the internal purpose I needed to be motivated every day. In all truth, I really lost my reason for doing it. After that, I decided I’d never quit again and that was about 5 years ago. It is a sustainable hobby for me. I can say this since I seem to be maintaining a life apart from it.

As for today? I blog to express myself. As I do so through editorial type posts, movie reviews, and daily blog challenges, I am forced to grapple with saying something others can read and enjoy. I think this makes me a better thinker. So, in the final analysis, I would indeed say that I blog to become a better, more well-reasoned thinker.


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