Bullet Journal Riley Style

imageThe bullet journal‘s strength is not in the ongoing reminders. Instead, it works as a time capsule each month that you gather items for and bury. Well, you don’t bury it completely I guess. You migrate tasks you haven’t finished into the next month. It’s good for what it is but you have to understand it’s not meant to be a Google calendar or Day Runner. It’s good for he brain rather than for making you punctual or task oriented. I’ve learned enough about it after a few weeks to say I think I have it mastered. I, however, have added an element of my own not present in the creator’s vision. Topics go at the top of the page. If they are just general pages, you can put the date. If something specific, as in my case “diary,” then put that. The creator says to sit back and close your eyes to think of what the topic really is about. For me, a journal needs a diary page option. His doesn’t suggest that but I don’t think he would object. From there you use bullets. There are three kind that you can see in his video. I imagine I will be coming up with my own before long. I currently use his for tasks, events, and notes.

Once I understood that the Bullet Journal was more like making a time capsule than for actually pre-planning, managing, and reminding in a given month, I realized the potential it had to be a paper journaling diary. imageMy Remember the Milk and Google Calendar are part of me now. I use them daily and they are far superior to a paper and pen journal for time and task management. The Bullet Journal though is an art project and the brain needs that to in order to be productive. I will probably have more to say about my personal “tweaks” as time marches on. Stay tuned.

By Damien Riley

Professor/Tutor/Dad/Husband/Son. My favorite horror movie is probably going to be a toss up between Tusk and Insidious. Atmospheric Horror is my favorite subgenre. I also post news articles on politics and the occasional blog post on things other than horror movies.

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