Calibre, Crown Heights, I am Not Your Negro

Here are three films I recently watched. I give you a few sentences and a rating only because I’m quite behind! Brevity is the soul of wit? Enjoy.

“Calibre” is an excellent thriller. This is the kind of suspense you see in great ones like Hush or Deliverance. I give it a perfect score. 10/10

“Crown Heights” is a true story so right there you know it’s going to be good. Like so many films of our time, it shines a light on racism in the justice system. Touching, gripping, engaging. I loved it. It ends a little abruptly. 9/10

“I am not Your Negro” is a documentary adaptation of James Baldwin’s 30 pages of an unfinished book about interactions with now assassinated black leaders. Starts slow but the middle to the end is just what you need to get why blacks still say there is racism and its a real problem in our country. Show it to a stubborn conservative who thinks there are no issues. Because the message is so important and so clearly conveyed, I give it a 10/10

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