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Mermaid Horror: “Mermaid Down” and “The Lure”

I have my movie podcasting friend Vern on this episode. You can reach him and find links to all his work atTwitter at @cinema_recall

These are two great movies with Mermaids in them. There is some nudity in them, but I got over the trauma quickly so I could enjoy it (LOL). What did you think?

Blog Podcast Film Reviews

“Luz” and “House on Haunted Hill”

Luz and House on Haunted Hill are the films. My guest is Hermione Flavia and we chose a film each to review. It was great once again to have her on the show. She was a guest on my old podcast Talking Stars as well as this podcast. You can follow her on Instagram. Hope you enjoy the show.

Blog Podcast Film Reviews

Insidious & The Omen

My special guest today was MovieRob! Enjoy our hour long conversation. I challenged him, not a horror fan, to watch and discuss these two amazing horror films (well that’s my opinion anyway.) Twas a lively chat! He will be back very soon. He can be followed at two places (and Twitter of course) MovieRob (Check to enter his monthly challenges!), The Lamb, and he is @Realmovierob on Twitter.

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Ghosts of War

Review: This film is on Amazon Prime Video currently, at time of writing this. I’m happy to review this film that really made an attempt at being a blockbuster. Brenton Thwaites (“The Giver,” “Gods of Egypt”) is just the younger fame aboard. We even have Billy Zane in the cast! Who can forget him in Titanic and so many other amazing stories like Daredevil. The guy has gotten around! He still looks like one scary dude too I might add. In this oddly told tale of ghosts in WWII however, he’s sort of the voice of reason that explains all the supernatural phenomena going on. Other stars in the film include: Theo Rossi, Kyle Gallner, Skylar Astin, and Alan Ritchson. I enjoyed this film, especially the odd ending but it’s still a B movie by my estimation. Despite the director’s efforts and the “cast of thousands” it makes only a small splash in a genre that’s seen this before. Let me flesh it out for you.

Read the rest of this review on where I am a regular contributor.

Blog Podcast Film Reviews

Mermaid Down – Podcast Film Review – Riley on Film


I saw this film this morning on Prime and am already eager to share my podcast review with you! See what I think about this incredibly well-crafted mermaid horror movie made for under 200K.

Alexandra Bokova in Mermaid Down (2019)
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Hager – Podcast Film Review – Riley on Film


Psychedelic drugs have featured in many rock and roll films as well as some horror. Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” is replete with drug intended images and music. Many many more seek to do the same. While a mixed bag as far as quality, these films are beloved to college students and the career aged folks in love with the music. But that raises an important question: can a drug induced experience be enjoyed by many people?

Read my full written review of “Hager” as well as my other horror reviews at where I am a longtime contributor.

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Body Cam – Podcast Film Review

This all star cast can’t really make it amazing, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.