The Invisible Man – and some other films

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on with the show so it goes on and on
and after a while about halfway through

it does start to get rather interesting
and that’s when you start to see

evidence of the Invisible Man
and it is very enjoyable at that point

Class of Nuke ‘Em High – My Audio Review

This is the second installment in my new genre Splatter-Horror-Comedy. Mostly from the 80’s these films are sure to please the bachelor party type among you. Could that BE you? Nipples to guts, these films have all the banal delights.

So pull up a chair or a sofa and have a listen to me talk about “Class of Nuke ‘Em High.” Make sure to subscribe to my feed here or my Youtube channel. This is indeed some fun raunchy stuff! You know you want it. (Don’t pay attention to my unbalanced laundry load you hear for a small while in the background!)

Robert Prichard in Class Of Nuke ‘Em High (1986)

The Toxic Avenger (1984)

I love the splatter/goof type movies from the 80’s. Up to now I haven’t covered many of them. I thought I’d start a journey with this one: The Toxic Avenger. Fun film! Listen to (and laugh? Hopefully since I am trying to be funny) what I have to say about it. My review is also viewable (that’s right video!) on my Youtube channel.

Hell Girl (2019)


Synopsis: A reality tv team of ghost hunters clash with an ancient malevolent spirit that gives the team a run for their money.

Review: Hell Girl is a new film that stands on the merits of characters like “Ghosthunters” on a reality show. It has a story within a story that may be hard for some to follow but is accessible if you have the patience and desire. For me, the film was a lot of false starts. Nonetheless, the humor shone through and ghost hunting young adults helped make it a bearable experience. The ancient ghost presence never really scared me but I respected the film as a paranormal reality show behind the scenes.

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