Certain Women

There’s a type of movie that doesn’t adhere to the Hollywood formula. I call it an “art film.” Certain Women falls into that category for me. It doesn’t care to explain the three stories pasted together. Yet, the name as a banner is speaking to me saying, “There is a deeper meaning here for you to find.” I felt a similar way about Birdman and many independent films I’ve seen.



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The cinematography is pristine. All stories encapsulate parts of America. The second film especially really makes you feel like you’re camping among the characters. There are three women who take their place, each in her own story. The acting women are big┬ánames in film so the humble independent feel of the film belies that.

The film feels intentionally slow. Luckily for us, the actresses are so good, time travels quickly through these stories. I’m not sure what the director means by “certain women” but I was left feeling as if these three certain women can change the world. It could be reasoned that the fourth woman is the one watching the film. Certain women can change their world. They don’t need to be perfect, just resolute in their vision. It could be argued that each of these women are like that. I recommend this to fans of the actresses as well as people interested in the change women can bring to the world, however small.

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