Christopher Robin

Pooh gives a reminder that nowhere us a great place to go to get somewhere.


You might think, as I did, the director here does mostly family films. Well, like me, be surprised. This cat did the uber violent/messed up “Monster’s Ball.” The guy has a range!

Ewan MacGregor plays Chris Robin, in adult form having fallen out of touch with nis imaginary friends. We have all the Pooh animals, especially Pooh who takes most the screen time.

There’s a key message about valuing family over work. Pretty unoriginal but can we hear that enough? I need regular reminders.

Basically Pooh helps Robin see this truth without trying. I lived the look of Pooh. It wasn’t the best film in the world but Pooh looked really cute and the voices of all of them have been imitated pristinely like the original. Now tell me where I can get a bear like that!

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