Clarification on My First Name and Blog Title

bar-b-cue-featuredMy name is DAMIEN Riley and I Produce Riley Central. I made a new tagline to hopefully better give out the gist of my blog’s name. I also changed my display name from just my first name “Damien” to my full name. I’m a 4th grade teacher and they call me Riley at work every day so I don’t mind if you call me that but for clarification, my first name is 100% Damien. Now, onto the Blog Title:

“Grand Central Station: Any place that is overcrowded and busy; mob scene: My office was like Grand Central Station this morning.” Damien Riley produces Riley Central.

Thanks a lot for joining me in the fun of blogging! I appreciate all your comments and I’m happy to answer any questions about what I do here, WordPress, post formats, or anything else.

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