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I love that Sarah is planning a trip to Hawaii for us in June. It will be an awesome trip and our son Brandon will go with us giving us a final chance to bond with him since he turns 18 the month after we go. It took us a lot of years to make enough to afford this. We are excited. Love Love Love.

Teaching involves planning for yourself and occasional other people, like your Principal. I plan to send her the basic outlines from the TE’s and then write a couple “template” lessons so she can get an idea how I work through the material. We’ll see what her feedback is. The truth here is that when a school does poorly on standardized testing, the controls get more intense. Still, I love my job and I know I’ll get a system of writing lesson plans so she is happy with them. Right now, she is asking all of us in a sort of undefined way. It will work out. I go back to work tomorrow after a 4 day weekend.

Blogging is going great. I blog for myself. It’s a way to organize my thoughts and play with technology. It’s also a place for writing a diary. This post is in the #Diary category. I have seen blogging as an online diary since I started playing with WordPress software way back at its inception. I like it because the public has access to what I’m doing. I would of course like to have a lot of followers and friends but I have learned how to blog and enjoy it with or without it. Currently, I’m very please with the people I interact with.

My book is going well. Vic is going to Christmasland with Mr.Manx. I can’t wait to see what he’s doing with those victims he has frozen like statues in the snow … hearts still beating. It’s a supernatural thriller/horror story.

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