Diary 2015-05-16 19:39:43

I’m watching Saturday Night Fever and thinking about how different it looks compared to when I was a kid. These are supposed to be adults and yet they are 20 years old. I’m 25 years older than them now. I don’t have it all figured out yet. Why did I think I would? It’s a very complex story. When I was young I thought it was just the Bee Gees and dancing. Perspective is such an amazing thing to ponder. How will I view my life now at 45 when I’m 60?

Went to Del Taco tonight, drive thru. I think I have a lifelong addiction to cheese quesadillas. They are not good for me but I just can’t stay away. I also had a root beer. I slipped from my diet bad. I want a flat stomach but I can’t live up to my own expectations every night, right? If you have any diet tips, please share them in the comments.

We’re watching Leap of Faith with Steve Martin on Netflix. I remember it being so damn funny but I don’t remember much. Those are the best movies to watch on Netflix. I’ve grown into my own faith but so many humans give it a bad name, I love movies and comedians who can poke fun at crooked religious people. Society and culture needs that. So many lives have been f’d up by religious people. Faith has also saved a lot so don’t think it’s all bad. At least I don’t. I’d rather sit in the church wing of cynicism though, When it comes time to be real about my faith.

We sat in the jacuzzi tonight, it was heaven. The tiles my wife and her parents did look like the dream mexican tiles you see in fountains at Magic Mountain and Knotts Berry Farm. Tomorrow will include another jacuzzi sit with intermittent sanding down tile calcification. Slow and steady wins the race I always say.

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