David Gilmour 2016 “We Do Need Education.”

gilmourandmarrPink Floyd are one of the world’s most influential and highest selling rock groups of our time. David Gilmour and Roger Waters were the primary songwriters through their successful decades.

A lot of people through the years have misunderstood Roger Waters’ lyric “We don’t need no education.” I have always seen it as an attitude portrayed in the fiction musical movie “The Wall” and I’ve never taken it to mean people don’t need teachers and education. Education and teachers have dramatically helped me achieve success in life. That’s why this year I was very pleased to hear David Gilmour in an interview with Andrew Marr, one of England’s foremost talk show personalities, share his regrets about putting that sentiment out as a single.

The mob is easily thrown into chaos when purposely excited. Stephen Crane wrote about this. Great talent requires great responsibility. Our youth should remember that. Much damage is being done through them being hyper and scattering deadly influence just because they can.

God knows he must have seen so many virtually psychotic fans screaming those lyrics in his face every show for decades. I wonder where that sentiment will get you? It’s a sure, good path to ignorance I say. Nice to hear a well spoken 71-year-old David Gilmour agree.

Transcribed from David Gilmour’s Youtube Andrew Marr Interview 2016
Regarding your slogan you chose along with the Dark Side of the Moon image

Marr: I want to ask you about something I’ve never quite got. Which is on “the Wall” that we don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control, teachers leave those kids alone. That seems to be if I may say so a rather reactionary sentiment.

Gilmour: Roger (Roger Waters wrote the song expressly for the movie as part of the movie’s story) would say it’s all in the context (of the movie) I suspect now, I’m not sure how good an idea it was to put something like that out as a single.

Marr: We do need education, we do need teachers.

Gilmour: Absolutely. We do need teachers. What Roger was talking about was the type of teacher and the type of teaching (in the fictional movie) that was going on at that time and was fairly common in this country at that time when we were growing up. (English boarding schools for students of the military as is shown in the movie). But um no, I think I wouldn’t put that out as a song right now.

Starts below at 2:30 point in this video

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