Deepwater Horizon

The names are big and the effects are great. Still, Deepwater Horizon felt too much like a made-for-tv movie with a destination of a Wal-Mart patriotic bin. It was rated highest on RT of all the movies currently in my theaters. So, I took a chance.




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I learned terms I never knew before tonight. Inlets, outlets, relief valves, and the like. I also learned there are oil tankers that remain somewhat stationary and pump loads of black oil from the ocean floor. This movie chronicles the events of the largest oil spill in US history.

I thought the big actors in this were slumming. The story could have been told with first time actors. In fact, I think it was distracting from the patriotic homage played to the 11 who lost their lives. Kurt Russell, for example, should be in films like Bone Tomahawk, not this oil spill tale. Probably the most miscast in this “God Bless America” film is John Malkovich. He needs to be playing psychos, not asshole business diplomats.

Kate Hudson looks great in this but in truth only has a small role. The trailer is misleading that way. The director tried so hard here to make you love these characters that it takes away from the story. I don’t need to see how much they are buddy buddy. I want to see how the disaster went down and then a measure of footage of how it affected wildlife. There is nothing but a few minutes shown of a dying pelican. Those of us who lived through this remember the Time magazine cover photos of so many animal covered in tar, dying needlessly.

In conclusion, I would recommend this film to patriotic Americans who get all excited about DVD’s in Wal-Mart bins. There’s nothing avant garde experimental, or risky here. The credits show all eleven of the fallen “BP employees” or BP by proxy I should say. Personally, I don’t see what makes them heroes. I respect their family’s losses but they aren’t military, they are supplying wholesale oil to BP. It’s an exciting film but I would have rather seen Girl on a Train that was rated by RT much lower. I could recommend you see it with a medium rating or I could tell you to wait until you see it in a patriotic CD bin at your local Wal-Mart for 20 bucks. I could be going overboard here, your thoughts?

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