Diary Entry 12.27.2015


On Christmas eve my wife and I went shopping at the grocery store. We got important ingredients, snacks and sundry items for our Christmas morning with her parents and our trip to my parents the same afternoon. Fun but a little exhausting I must say.

The best part of Christmas was seeing Star Wars at 10pm. What a great film! They got this one right. I’ve completely revamped my blog theme and rethought a lot of elements. 2 really cool things that I like a lot are the posts in sidebar: latest status on Twitter and latest move review snippet. You check them out by clicking “Home” on the toolbar below the header.

I put in a cool header image as well. When I’m happy with my blog appearance, it’s always a good day 🙂 Tomorrow should be very busy. There is talk of seeing Krampus!

By Damien Riley

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