Downton Abbey (TV Series)

With Downton Abbey, you get more than just a Masterpiece Theater type show. You get all the features of a melodrama, romance, mystery, and soap opera wrapped in one. I’m here to tell you, it’s enjoyable!



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As with most tv series, it has multiple directors for different seasons. Probably the most famous are Andy Goddard and James Strong (Law and Order UK, Dr. Who). There are also a lot of actors with a core few comprising the main cast. They are mostly British actors.

I really like watching the dynamics of a wealthy house in England in the 1920’s. There is a clear regiment of duties from the Butler down to the footman and even below that. Every worker knows her/his place and that is interesting to watch. Why are they so obedient to position and decorum? Basically, they value their jobs. You get to see the inner workings of the leadership and the choices they have to make to keep things working.

Another thing that makes it interesting is the way they mention news of the day such as the Titanic sinking. They keep a historical context that way and it’s a lot of fun.

There are love affairs and resentments and even vengeance plays. It wouldn’t seem possible but you have all the enjoyment and excitement of a movie set in modern times. It’s not what they say and do that keeps you interested, rather it’s why they hold back. It’s a little slow at times and not for everyone. Kids will be bored but for those day 18 and up, I highly recommend you give it a chance and see if you get sucked in like I did as you binge watch.


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I’m always a sucker for period pieces and I was really enthralled with the series. It was actually pretty good.

Period pieces are indeed cool for the costumes, the accents, and the like. The drama in this one is intriguing as well! Great minds think alike right?

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