Dreamcatcher (2003)

Guys who’ve been friends since childhood go on a camping trip that swirls out of control when aliens crash the camp. These aren’t your average friends though, there are special powers afoot. Can they use these to fight the monsters though, that is the question.


Can “Dreamcatcher” actually suck as horror like most the internet says? I say no. In fact I find it to be an enjoyable film with some pretty awesome cgi. And of course, there is the freezing ambiance of snow that really gives you chills. I can see why most critics don’t like it. It’s fragmented and the many stories don’t mesh well into one but perhaps that wasn’t the intent. I say watch this creature feature horror film by Stephen King with an open mind, even when the eel opens it face to swallow people up. You may enjoy it like I did. I see it as a cross between “Stand by Me” and “Alien” though not as good as either individually. The set of kids that grow up with special telekinetic powers make this film work. At that same time, the eel-like alien creature packs the Ooooh Ahhh factor and rounds off this very fun horror film. Read my full written review at: Horror News


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