Embers pacify and keep us warm yet if we get too close they burn our faces.


I guess today I see love as a more irrational thing than the logical glue that holds the universe together. Most movies portray it that way. I see young people at the mall and restaurants “hanging out” with a forlorn look in their eyes as if they are missing out. They’re trying to get at love. But what is it really? Is it sex? Partly, in romantic love that is. What about brotherly love? That isn’t so easy to define. In a general sense, teachers must manifest brotherly love every day. Most of us went into teaching because we enjoy working with kids. Still, you deal with social workers, Principals, co-teachers, and the parents and extended families of your 25-35 kids so you need a broad sense of brotherly love. A teacher’s job is kind of like a therapist sometimes but you don’t have the luxury or time to show people some of the answers that are out there. Today was a frustrating day for me. That’s a good thing though I have learned because those are the days I learn and grow the most from.

“The Brat” is sick in my Joe Hill Book “Nos4a2.” I sat next to the embers and read for a half an hour tonight. There’s something going on with the “lower way back.” It’s not functional but Vic remembers it well. Perhaps a Vampire is down there? Not sure but enjoying my reading time. I’m 14% of the way through. I didn’t do my journal challenge today. Based on my emotional ride at work, I just didn’t have it in me on my lunch hour. I’ll do it this weekend for sure (crosses fingers). I did a succinct Daily Post Challenge I’m proud of. I’m using the WordPress “Press This” bookmarklet to create linkbacks for challenges. So far I really like the functionality and look of it. Last, I wrote this diary entry and a response to Mama Kat’s weekly writing challenge. I put up 5 big pictures in that one. I planned on doing more but it was too time consuming so I hastily published.

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