From Nowhere (2016)

Here we see the often overlooked victims of undocumented parents in America. For me it shines a light on the need to support these young people and get them on a path to citizenship, regardless of what Trump says.

1h 29min | Drama | 17 February 2017 (USA)
Three undocumented Bronx teenagers are graduating from high school while navigating the treacherous waters of trying to get their papers to stay in the US.
Director: Matthew Newton
Writers: Matthew Newton, Kate Ballen
Stars: Sydni Beaudoin, Helen Beyene, Erica Camarano

Get this, the director Matthew Newton was a character in Queen of the Damned. In fact he was in a lot of films prior to directing. I think the street fight scene is an example of excellent direction. There are many more aspects of the film that shine obviously because of Newton’s skill. He is also co-writer of this with Kate Ballen. I’ll be looking for much more from him in the future.

The acting here is great as well. In particular I appreciated the performance of the angry abused teen. I’m not sure who plays her but if I get that information I’ll amend my post. Watch for her. The film is excellent in that it shines a light on those who suffer in this country. Some scenes are misplaced and the action takes some time to engage but I found it a wonderful film.


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