Funny Games

The key to enjoying this film is understanding its own specialized genre. In America, we have heroes like Bruce Willis and Superman who come in with a big gun and leave us feeling empowered over evil.
While I have no real idea what the director was going for here, I will say it’s different from what we’re used to in a thriller/horror like this. This is streaming on Netflix at the time I am writing this review.

People all must have a place where they connect shouldn’t they? Actually, not all people. Sociopaths kill with no empathy. Some of the biggest thriller blockbusters have had killers like these: ie; Hannibal Lecter, Ed Gein, Se7en, and such. These show us killers with no remorse and certainly no regard for human life. Why do we love these films so much? That’s another post.

I didn’t just squirm in my seat watching this film, I writhed. Naomi Watts is always an amazing actress in her films and her name appears in the credits as an executive producer. That means she was really invested in getting this American version made. I would caution viewers against looking for deeper meaning. I think that will end up in a dead end. Still, it is one of those films that leaves you so UNsatisfied according to modern conventions that you almost want to communicate your thoughts with another human after seeing it. My wife and I were yelling at the screen several times. Some stuff we just could not believe we’d seen.

Is it always the job of American films to satisfy us? That is an interesting question I think. I say no. We should have films occasionally that make us feel uncomfortable. We should question our comfort in a media driven culture. Once again, I have no idea what the director meant by this film but I think I am getting warm with this thought. Fans of torture horror and thrillers go see it!


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