Hate to Love


Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love. Thanks for the great idea, Ana Santos!

Source: Hate to Love | The Daily Post

As a kid I loved these things. In fact, I couldn’t get enough of them. It sucked because sometimes parents would say they are “fancy donut prices.” In those cases, when things were tight, we had to pick “regular donuts.” I usually picked glazed old fashioned in that case. Both of them reside pretty much on the same level of hell. I learned what “bavarian filled” meant early on in my childhood. Now, when I take my kids to get donuts, they seem addicted as well, already at 8,10, and 17.

I’m not sure why anyone eats the jelly donuts. To me the pudding ones are filled with the creative energy monster posts are made of. I teach better after one as well. I’ve noticed all the donut places around me are starting to stock a whole section with these bavarian filled donuts. They must be getting the memo I won’t be a stranger. One time the clerk, shall I call them donut baristas, laughed when my 8 year old ordered a large, creme filled donut. It was about half her size. They say addiction is hereditary. Sorry future adult kids, I couldn’t help myself.

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