Hear Say

This stream of consciousness post is inspired by the writing prompt below for SOCS as well as the movie I am watching as I type these thoughts: Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: β€œ-ay.” Find a word ending in β€œay” and use it as the theme/subject of your post. Play with it, I say!

damien_riley_gene_hackman_the_conversationGene Hackman’s character in this film works for a company that listens to people. It opens with scenes of a throw mic from a high rise, pointed at a park where many people are talking, bands are playing, mimes are acting, etc. I’m shifting my train of thought now because my wife is telling me about her coffee. I wish I could say I have a three track mind but it maxes out at two. Wire tappers can hear what you say and that’s what Hackman’s character in this film can do. It’s 1974 and the throws and tapes are antiquated but it’s very cool the way Coppola shows what they can do. I told my family it’s probable they can listen in on us from space now. Consider Google Earth as a form of eavesdropping. The irony is, it’s actually socially acceptable wiretapping, to an extent right?

Hackman’s character has learned that his boss wants to kill the couple he has been paid to spy on He’s being careful to protect the people he’s spying on. Harrison Ford is in this movie, that’s so cool. I guess he was in Star Wars just 3 years later. It’s weird how Hackman, one of my all time favorite actors, says he’s 44 in the film. That’s two years younger than me but I swear he looks to be in his fifties. My wife says they had a different look back then. He’s got that pipe smoker skin. I digress. Is it possible t digress when your writing stream of consciousness? I love the look of the reel to reels and phones in this movie. Terri Garr is in this as well as a handful of people I recognize but they look a hell of a lot younger in this movie. As I wrap, think of what I am doing: watching what they do, hearing what they say. As I am an avid movie watcher. you might call me an eavesdropper, a voyeur. Then again, the actors were paid to put on a show for me. Maybe I’m more like a guy going to the cabaret?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Breakdown.”

10 Replies to “Hear Say”

  1. What a fascinating peek inside your head. I like both Gene Hackman and Terri Garr. I’ve been to Jackson Hole, where Harrison Ford was a fixture in the late 90s, and still might be today.

    My Accomplice brings me coffee nearly every morning, and sometimes I rhapsodize about it.

    My two children have a habit of standing on opposite sides of me, and talking about completely different things. As they get taller (son’s taller than me; daughter just past my shoulder), it gets harder to separate the threads of what they’re saying. “Whoa,” I tell them. “Two ears. One brain.”

    There…now you’ve had a return peek into my head as i listen to the fan, and the low maybe-menace of still-distant thunder.

    Turnabout is fair play, I say!

      1. It might not surprise you that I like to talk, listen, and connect (a huge part of why I write, other than that whole getting to pretend I’m a goddess until my characters take over thing…).

        Likes are fun – but, honestly, I always find them a little disappointing when there’s no comment attached. I like to know what people are thinking and feeling, and for that, likes just don’t cut it.

        Happy to know my random thoughts are appreciated, because those were indeed completely random! =)

      2. I thought I replied to this, but WP isn’t showing it, and I can’t just leave a like on a comment like that – so, if the last one ‘took’, you get two!

        I blog to connect and share. Likes are all well and good, but they’re like the difference between nodding at someone and stopping to chat.

        I’d usually rather chat, even if just for a minute or two. I learn things, when I chat. And I like learning things! =)

  2. I’ve always wanted to see that movie, but have never gotten around to it. I’m a huge fan of Hackman. (I mean, come on…He was the original Lex Luthor!!!)

      1. Funny fact, I’m not really all that into sports, but I usually do like movies about sports. (Hoosiers being among the top on the list!)

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