House of Cards

I accept the presentation of white male politicians as such as probably true most of the time. A lot of new tv series are trying to present things as they are, as opposed to the sugar-coated version. That pretty much sums up what this tv show is all about.



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I have only seen the first 4 episodes but some spoilers may follow.

Kevin Spacey is the consummate politician and what’s more, he’s the consummate political advisor. He’s raising up a new mayor who obviously will suit his agenda. They way he grooms him is eye-opening. Every part of this show tears down perceptions of how politics work. Morality is virtually non-existent. It’s not necessarily important if things are sinister in politics, rather, it’s important only if they seem sinister or not.

Robin Wright plays Spacey’s wife. She seems ruthless in the episodes I have seen. I a feeling she’s going to really start revealing her evil plans very soon. She seems so resolved in her decisions. She chooses to not have an affair with a man she seems interested in and gives a speech telling why that is some excellent acting.

This show is very engaging and there are some great characters. It shows you what goes on behind the scene in elections and in elected position jobs. It is gong rather slowly here at the get go. It seems though as if it has the raw talent and story to get into some entertaining stuff down the road. I recommend it to drama/comedy fans.

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