How to Live the Good Life Up or Down the Hill

I don’t say it much but I do love living in the High Desert region of California. Not only do I enjoy an awesome home with a pool but restaurants are all close by. The other day we went to Mojave Narrows and played in the water. That was prime living. The desert can be an awesome place when you enjoy the people you are with and as husband and dad, I certainly do.
Tonight I am on a search for something fun to the South of here. My favorite theaters are the Ontario Mills AMC. I’m just starting now to search for a movie so my family can get dinner down the hill (that’s a local expression for traveling the Cajon Pass). I really like the restaurants down there and there is always an ample supply of titles to watch. I think my point here is that life is amazing no matter where you live or go when you have passion for something and people you love around you who share.

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