I Voted

I’m in the midst of a FB experiment. I fasted from it and now I’m posting this on my website instead of FB as a way of exploring what it can do for me. So far, I don’t miss it much.

Now this political post:

To some, “Liberalism” is a bad word.

Hello Conservatives, Liberals, and of us all along the spectrum. I am more of liberal than conservative I suppose but I do hold contrasting views from each side.

A plurality of citizens with mixed ideas working together is my vision of America. I value conservatives because they are the yin to much of my yang. Gotta have both in society.

Avoid xenophobia and any person who promotes it.

Today’s truth for you about we “liberals:”

“Most prominent and constant among the positions of Cold War liberalism included the following:

Support for a domestic economy built on a balance of power between labor (in the form of organized unions) and management (with a tendency to be more interested in large corporations than in small business).

A foreign policy focused on containing Communism based in the Soviet Union and China. Liberals opposed isolationism, détente and rollback.

The continuation of New Deal social welfare programs, especially Social Security).

An embrace of Keynesian economics with deficit spending in times of recession. They supported high spending on the military, a policy known as military Keynesianism.” (Wikipedia)

I voted.

No hate speech will be allowed in the comments. Otherwise, comments are welcomed.

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