I Will Tell You of my Dreaming

It really bothers me when people fail to respect my feelings. Doesn’t everybody get bothered by this?  I see this at work when people correct my students at public events such as assemblies. These people don’t even seem to think they are being rude. I know my kids are hurt by it. Why don’t they go through me? I dream of something better, a more considerate world

It leads to thoughts that are quite daunting. Has the world changed or have I? I see rude people everywhere. It seems to be the norm that people ignore me. The number of people that listen appears to be dwindling. I can live with it but there truly seems to a surplus of caring people that I encounter who are sad.

Without appearing like a whiny brat asking for more stuff, I want to tell you some things of which I am dreaming about.

  1. Whirled peas
  2. Buried treasure
  3. The time to call parents for good things as much as for bad behavior.
  4. Continued effectiveness with my students next year: 2016-2017
  5. Nurturing a love for all people.
  6. A state of mind I was in a few weeks ago when I finally healed from my cold and cough. I could see all the tasks that I needed to do for others.
  7. Let the amazement of so many good ones boost my spirits, don’t dwell on the dishonest ones,

Remember what Debbie Harry said:

When I saw you in the restaurant.

You could tell I was no debutante.

You ask me what’s my pleasure, a movie or a measure …

I’ll have a cup of tea and tell you of my “Dreaming.” Dreaming is free…


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By Damien Riley

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