If We Were Having Coffee 12.20.2016


As a younger man in high school and such, I would write in journals. I’d write song lyrics and diary entries … it was a powerful release for me. As the years passed and computers got more into the mainstream of everything, I let my writing habits go in favor of blogging and typing on a computer. I’ve kept copious journals in the form of blog posts since about 1996 when I discovered a free home page maker called “Geocities.” In 2005 I got going with WordPress and the excitement of hosting my own blog has never ceased. Well, I take that back. There was a 1-2 year period when I wasn’t very motivated to blog. Part of it had to do with the fact that I left the purity of blogging my thoughts for the sake of my fun and started focusing on making money at it and getting more traffic. No one can possily find that fun for long, even if they get what they want. After that dark period ended, I got back online with my blog and have been exploring what blogging is to me ever since. It’s really now a part of my mental process in everything I do.

23708896732_77f95a209b_n-5616422Recently (starting back in May) I’ve been returning to handwritten journaling. It’s a whole new dynamic. When I started, my printing was barely legible. It’s still not that great but it’s come so so far. The best part is I can just sit down and start writing whereas before I kept having false starts because I wasn’t sure of myself. Now, once a day I publish my handwritten journal here on this blog. It’s hard for me to see my mistakes and lazy letters sometimes but I publish them anyway. I’ve always believed that there are likely people out there who will be encouraged by a person who journals who isn’t perfect. I love sharing expression with others whether it’s through photography, handwritten things, or blogs. That’s why I have all three here on my blog. So anyway, here’s hoping you got as encouraged as I did about journaling last week, about something.

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  1. Enjoyed ready your posr. I journaled for years while I was in therapy for child abuse and am just not getting started writing the entries into a book format, There is something about the pen and paper. 🙂

  2. I have long thought that the physical process of putting pen to paper stimulates the brain and neuro-science is starting to back me up. I hand write much of my non-blogging writing. I intermittently use a paper journal and have been doing so a bit lately. I found myself a perch in a French cafe in a part of Sydney called The Rocks. This cafe is in the former Police Station and it’s a very historic sandstone building. So, it’s just the place to set myself up writing in my journal and thinking I’d somehow back in Paris where I did a poetry reading at the famed Shakespeare Bookshop.
    My journal is like my little book of dreams.
    Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and New Year xx Rowena

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