In Conclusion: Great Year!

Me-n-Sarah-Glen-Ivy-7-2014This year has been great for me. I’ve become more sensitive to multiculturalism in my classroom and experimented with some room furniture rearrangement. Both have improved me as a teacher. While I’m on the topic of the classroom, as a white man I am shocked at how few pre-teenage movies are available with African American role models. If you do a search, you’ll find three actors primarily in a small number of films. This is contrasted to the enormously huge backlog of films that feature white culture. This should change. Because so many of my students are black, I feel I owe it to them to inform them of classic movies they can watch at home and some perhaps in school on a rainy day that show people they can identify with. But I digress … My wife and I are finally making the money we need to do basic improvements on the house. Thank God my wife’s parents are gifted in home repairs because I am challenged to put it frankly. We are able to take small trips that were once impossible. We still can’t take that trip to Hawaii or Ireland but we are thinking forward about it.

I’ve become so relaxed with myself. I feel like for the first time I trust who I am and I can go into any situation empowered. It’s taken many years to get here. I’m going into my 17th year as a teacher. It didn’t happen overnight. I’m also very happy with my blog, Riley Central. I set goals for myself with my writing and so far I’ve been able to meet all of them. My 3 kids are angels. Of course they have their growing pains but at the end of the day, everyone’s hugging and kissing. My wife and I incidentally are in our 13th year of marriage. I’m very proud of that. Meeting the needs of another person is tricky, it takes work. At the same time, you hope they love you back enough to try and meet yours. It’s like a marathon of psychology but so far we’ve been able to make it work and I know we are going to continue. In conclusion: great year!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “State of Your Year.”

By Damien Riley

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