I wasn’t pleased with this one but it didn’t suck either. It might be argued the director’s goals were too interstellar. Let me say that my review here is short and does not include much that would spoil the movie plot. I tried to not give anything big away, but I digress. Like many people I was duped by the advertising into thinking it was the next “Gravity.” I guess that’s because they show space and space-suits in the commercials. It’s more akin to Contact, another space movie that also starred Matthew McConaughey. Contact, however, was based more in spirituality and emotion than space and realism. I liked Gravity for its realism so I was a bit disappointed.

My wife made a great point early on in the film when she said it reminded her of the M. Night Shyamalan film Signs. It is a lot like Signs with the effects of Gravity and the odd surrealism of Contact. Having said that, I must make it clear it is FAR too long. The best part is the relationship with the daughter and her father. He leaves her to go to space and find a new habitation for earthlings and regrets it. I won’t say anymore than that. I give it 3/5 stars. It is a great story, though again too long, with amazing effects and some quantum physics hypotheticals thrown in there in such a way as suggests “just cuz.” I think it tries to do too much but many audiences will like it because of the touching story between the daughter and father. It had me choked up more than once. Ok. That’s more than I knew going into into it so I’ll stop now. Go see it, it’s a fun intellectual ride, though not the Gravity type of space movie some may hope to see. You may see it differently, let me know in the comments won’t you?

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