Iron Man 2

I went to see the much anticipated Iron Man 2 this evening with my wife and son and found it duller than the first. Robert Downey Jr. does a great job of being a goofball which is indeed funny to watch. Unfortunately the writing and situations are not very clever or interesting and it had me yawning through most the running time.

There isn’t much action in the movie. Sort of like looking for wedding gifts at a horse tack store. For the most part, people exchange boring dialog with one another developing the plot of a company on a downward spiral. A symbol of the downfall is Ironman’s chest. He is slowly dying and needs a special chemical to keep him alive. Of course, in the end, he gets what he needs and become super-human again. Scarlett Johansen is an absolute fox in this movie. My wife noted she had lost quite a bit of weight for the part, which I felt was not necessary. At any rate, she makes Gwynneth Paltrow, Ironman’s love interest, look plain on the screen. If there was anything I could really praise about the movie, it was Johansen’s part.

I didn’t have time to write a drawn out review. You can read the cast, synopsis, and factoids at imdb. Suffice it to say, this movie was a lot of dull dialog with some really cool CGI scenes. I wish I would have seen Shrek 4 instead (not in 3D though). Hopefully the next movie I see will be worthy of a longer review.

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