Joy in Giving

Today I was able to offer help to a co-teacher who couldn’t get her laptop to network with the school printer. Bless her heart, she’s been doing all her copies in the public pod area when it’s much more agreeable do these things in the comfort of your own classroom.

The view of a person in need that I know it is a slam duck to help via my skills is something I am always drawn to.

I walked up to her and asked if I could help to which she replied she had already tried it a dozen times and it always works but later deletes the new printer driver. I thought about it a bit and then printed up some simple steps to get in there and add the network printer. She accepted my paper. I have my fingers crossed it works for her. I feel bad when I see her each day sitting out in the pod doing her lesson printing.

It gave me such joy to help someone who is such a hard worker and is best of all, not prone to making excuses. She just wants what is effective for her kids. So, instead of writing to you how I felt joy for getting something,

I felt pure joy GIVING someone my knowledge of technology (say that 10 times fast).

We all have extra knowledge in something that we can help others through. As the tech lead adjunct duty at my school, I am able to help a lot of people. Sometimes I may confuse them, but it gives me the biggest thrill when I can actually help them do the job that I do all day: teach kids Language Arts and math.

You probably know your own gifts and talents. If not, ask those around you. Then be open to using those gifts and talents to give to others.

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