The Kings of Summer (No Spoilers)

This is a fun little movie that made it under my radar a few years ago. If you enjoy high school dramadies, your likely to enjoy this. In one Summer, 3 boys discover a Lord of the Flies land in the wilderness by their home. Their escape the focus and isn’t that what adolescent movies are all about? It’s a common theme but the characterization and sometimes tense dramatic portions are original and effective.



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This high school aged comedy/drama starts where the high school campus ends. Here we have three teenaged friends, unhappy with their home lives, who join together to leave the suburbs and build their own shack in the woods.

I think the angst of high school kids is pretty standard here. I remember wanting to move out of my parents house so badly at that age. I wasn’t financially prepared to so I had to wait. These boys don’t. They go through all the steps of building and preparing and their adventures along the way are quite engaging and heartwarming.

They do some drinking and smoking and of course they try all the things they couldn’t do back home. There are some interesting characters here as well. The main character’s father is quite interesting. He gets angry and has an opportunity to reconnect. Does he take that opportunity? You’ll have to see to find out. While comic in nature there are some serious scenes as well.

There is a girl as there always will be. Her role is similar to the “interloper” into the Little Rascals fort. The drama and tension there becomes evident as the boys find out whether she belongs or not. I found the father drama along with the girl conflicy quite easy to recall from childhood. I remembered these things that you go out and build a fort to discover. It’s a good watch and I’d recommend it to anyone but mostly to fans of the high school dramedy.

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