Different movies for different folks. I’m sure you would agree with that. This is a film I can get into a little bit but not fully. It’s an art project that delves into the discomfort of addiction. It takes its viewers there through the character of Krisha. Sound like a fun ride at the movies? It really wasn’t for me.



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As if we need more family members like this in our lives. Krisha gives us the tension of Thanksgving. When they are looking at the turkey, we see a fish-eye view replete with knives glistening in the kitchen light. The sounds of laughing in the house are almost deafening. I assume this is all meant to recreate Krisha’s perception of the day.

It’s a creepy transition into talking and conversing with people who seemingly have no use for her anymore. Still, she is reaching out to them. She’s been lost but doesn’t seem to want to be found. She carried a pill container the size of a tackle box and seems versed in when to take her multiple meds throughout the day. Is this existence even worth living? Sometimes the critics rally to praise a highly uncomfortable film, this is one of those cases.

I recommend this as a wobbly experiment in discomfort, all in favor go for it.

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