Lady Bird (2017)

You may know that Lady Bird is being touted as the “best reviewed movie of the year.” You may also know it’s a coming of age tale that takes place in California …

… and that Lady Bird is a girl graduating High School. BUT did you know that the actress playing her mother is the one who played Roseanne’s sister on TV, Jackie? Well it is and she does a hell of a job. This is a limited release and the film partly lives up to the hype. It starts out belabored and long and the acting really sucks up until about the first boyfriend time.

After that the acting drastically improves and there are some truly touching moments. I’m writing a non-spoiler review here so I’ll leave out the wheres and whens but trust me, they are there. My eyes needed a good washing and they got it!

There’s a ton of good here but honestly, looking back at all the hype I read about this film, I have to wonder if everyone involved in publicity for the film paid a friend or family member to write a scintillating review. It’s a great film but it isn’t scintillating.

It’s not as quirky as Napoleon Dynamite but it feels like it would be in the same category. Having said that, the relationships are like real and sometimes they are so real, you choke back some tears. It is NOT for everyone as the ads would suggest. This film will mostly appeal to millennial girls and their grandparents. Since I’m about the age of the latter, I guess that’s why it spoke to me.


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